About Us
The chain of comfort-class apartments "KIGO" was opened in 2018.

For the apartments of our chain we choose the most interesting locations in Moscow : "Liner West" and "Liner East" with a Walking distance to multifunctional sportscomplexes and The Aviapark trade centre; "Tricolor" - in the area of VDNH exhibition park & "Moscow city" - which isn't only a business but also a center of culture and society; "The park of legends" -is located in Danilovskiy district and has fast and convenient access to the Park "Island of Dreams".

At the nearest time we are going to open "The park of Legends" Hotel in a new modular format.

If you don't need a full equipped apartment with a kitchen, but anyway you want to feel as comfortable as possible-we offer you to choose a room in a modular hotel of 4 square meters and its space will be completely at your disposal.

We set up the task to our staff that while you live in our apartment -you should feel an absolute comfort in all spheres.

That's why there's no matter which complex you choose for your stay-anyway we will do our best to improve your stay -so in future you would like to come back to us.